Showcasing Triggerfish Studios

Showcasing Triggerfish – Read up on how this local award winning Cape Town based Studio and how they rely on Autodesk’s customizable workflow.

Triggerfish Animation, an award-winning Cape Town based studio, used Autodesk API’s to produce its hit films Zambezia (2012) and Khumba (2013). Autodesk’s APIs uses various custom tools to enhance the animation process and speed up productivity; Autodesk’s Shotgun software keeps project deadlines in check, while Autodesk Maya allows trainers to focus on customised workflows. With Autodesk’s new licensing models, Triggerfish pays for the workstations they use only, and which can be increased when and how additional workstations are needed. Autodesk software saves Triggerfish time and money and is a key contributor to the success of Triggerfish’s animations’ films.

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