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AutoCAD Maya
3D computer animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software

What’s new in Maya 2024

Raise the creative bar with next gen tools in Maya

Produce content faster and raise the bar of high-quality visuals with new capabilities in Maya. This release brings support for LookDevX, an agnostic material editor that allows you to share materials seamlessly across the pipeline and includes a new, modern, node-based environment for authoring material graphs like USD, MaterialX, and Arnold. Maya also offers you more artistic control with updates to modelling tools like Retopologize and the Boolean toolset, while animation and rigging updates keep you in the creative zone. These updates and new features are also available in Maya Creative.
Modeling Updates
USD for Maya 0.22 plug-in
New Graph Editor Curve Sculpting tools
LookdevX Technology Preview
What’s New in Character Animation
Graph Editor Improvements
Animation Performance improvements
Time Slider Redesign
Bifrost (What’s New in Maya 2024)
Arnold for Maya 5.3.0
Substance 2.3.2
New in the Maya 2024 devkit
New Apple Silicon Support
Create expansive worlds, complex characters, and dazzling effects with Maya
Maya overview video (3:05 min.)
Create incredibly detailed simulations with Bifrost for Maya
Bifrost in Maya (video: 4:48 min.)
Bifrost makes it possible to create physically accurate simulations in a single visual programming environment.
Render your most complex projects with Arnold
Rendering with Arnold in Maya
Workflows and use cases
Rendering with Arnold in Maya
The team behind award-winning short film The Beauty share how they used Maya and Arnold to create an underwater dystopia.
Maya + 3ds Max + Arnold + MotionBuilder + Mudbox
See how the tools in the Media & Entertainment Collection are being used for the animated short Mkali’s Mission.
Making a photorealistic 3D ostrich
Artist Yuriy Dulich details his Maya workflow for creating a photorealistic Somali ostrich.
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Rigging & deformation: Last of Us

Wassim Khan, technical director at Naughty Dog, walks through the rigging and deformation process for characters in The Last of Us Part II.
Image courtesy of Naughty Dog


Pulling off the latest Magic: The Gathering trailer

Axis Studios talks about the challenges they faced in bringing the game’s behemoths to life, and how they overcame them with the help of Maya.
Image courtesy of Image Engine


Bringing the Pacific Theater to life

VFX experts go over how a major transition in their rendering software, from V-Ray to Arnold, affected their work on the World War II movie Midway.
Image courtesy of Pixomondo
Colour management in Arnold for 3ds Max 2024

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