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Chaos Scans

What is Chaos Scans?

Photoreal scanned material library. Materials that would take you hours to create by hand have been scanned to perfection. Enjoy over 2500 pre-made materials that fit perfectly in your V-Ray and Corona workflow with a simple drag and drop.
Photoreal materials
Each Chaos Scans material is generated using thousands of images. Real-world response to lighting, no seams – the result is often indistinguishable from the original sample.
Complex materials made simple.
Chaos Scans require no prior material-building knowledge, or use of reference materials. Simply choose your desired scan, drop it on a surface and you’re ready to render.
Great variety.
Render a wide selection of physical materials including car paint, plastic, leather, fabric, foil and more. Plus, we’ve teamed up with some of the finest real world producers, so you can present your clients with the actual material you’ll be using before building your design.
Built for Chaos engines.
Chaos Scans work seamlessly across the V-Ray and Corona products portfolio. You get to keep your design intent while having full flexibility to move your work across your favorite content creation tools.


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