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Autodesk Media and Entertainment Technology

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10:00 am: Using USD across Maya tool sets

Learn how to use USD across the Maya tool set to store, edit, and export complex asset data like modelling, materials, lighting, and shading variations in a single USD container.

11:00 am: The Power of Bifrost 2.5 and Capabilities for VFX
Discover how to make great simulations of smoke, fire, clothes, and other materials. Through the direct connection to Maya, objects and data from Maya are available in Bifrost and the results of the visual programming are immediately available in Maya.
12:00 pm: Extending ShotGrid with WebHooks
Understand how you can easily benefit from additional functions using the Webhook framework by linking production information with external systems like Slack.
1:00 pm: Capabilities of Moxion
This session will cover the core functionalities of the Moxion software, as well as discussing the various use cases and customer profiles that can benefit from it’s use. We’ll also touch on the newly released MoxionConnect, which brings more powerful creative review capabilities to artists by allowing them to connect and live stream media from their workstations and favorite creative applications directly into Moxion.

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