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The COVID-19 pandemic has led governments, enterprises and schools all over the world to take precautions such as home isolation and social distancing to ensure the safety of every individual. This has led to surging demand for virtual meetings and remote learning. Many people using web-based conferencing or collaboration software want to incorporate live HDMI or SDI video sources into their online meetings. Many attendees wish to use a dedicated camera to provide better video quality than a standard webcam, while others may need to share content from other computers or sources. To do this, users need a reliable, low-latency video capture device that is compatible with their computer and operating system, such as macOS or Windows. 

This article will walk you through how to bring an HDMI or SDI signal from a video camera into Zoom™ using a Magewell video capture device. The workflow for bringing such sources into other software such as Panopto™, Skype®, GoToMeeting®, and Teams™ is similar.

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