Bifrost for Maya

Bifrost makes it possible for 3D artists and technical directors to create serious effects in Autodesk Maya quickly and easily using a new visual programming environment. (image created by Jonah Friedman)
TDs can mix nodes ranging from math operations, to file IO, particles, volumes, mesh or surface operations, and simulations in a single visual programming graph to create custom effects, then package them up for artists at their studio to use (and re-use) across different shows, scenes, and shots. Artists can also take advantage of a library of ready-to-use graphs to create effects like fire, smoke, mist, and explosions virtually right out-of-the-box. Bifrost Fluids is used specifically to create realistic water and ocean simulations. Bifrost for Maya is an entirely different system – unlike Bifrost Fluids, it has a visual programming core. At first, Bifrost for Maya will enable artists to create effects including smoke, fire, particles, basic volumetrics, cloth, and fibers. For the time being, you should continue to use the existing Bifrost Fluids tool for your fluid simulations.

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