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Media & Entertainment Collection

Scale your pipeline and tackle bigger projects

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What’s included in the M&E Collection

Powerful tools to bring your creative vision to life, from first draft to final frames.


Create expansive worlds, realistic characters, and dazzling effects.

Includes the ability to run Bifrost on 15 machines


Render your most complex projects.

Contact us to get the Collection with the Arnold 5-pack.


Sculpt and paint highly detailed 3D geometry and textures.

3ds Max

Create massive worlds and model down to the finest detail.


Capture, edit, and playback complex character animation.

ReCap Pro

Create 3D models from imported photographs and laser scans.

What’s included in the M&E Collection

Scale your pipeline

Gain more flexibility

The M&E Collection gives you the flexibility to hire the best talent, tackle more complex projects, and use the best tool for the job.

See how much you save

Get all of the modeling, animation, VFX, and rendering tools you need at a great value.
Calculate how much you’ll save with the M&E collection.

See the M&E Collection in action

Check out how each of the tools in the Media & Entertainment Collection was used to create the animated short, Mkali’s Mission. Discover the breadth and power of the toolset.


Watch Eloi Andaluz Fullà destroy a bunker with 3ds Max.


Watch Phil Radford create an avalanche using Bifrost for Maya.


Watch Arvid Schneider’s look development and rendering process using Maya and Arnold.

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More processing power.
More high-quality renders.
More opportunity.