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The Future
of Architectural

Architizer, in partnership with Chaos, is excited to
share the results from a survey of architecture firms’
visualisation workflows and expectations for the future.

Artificial Intelligence:

A Disruptor Catching On Quickly


More than half of firms are already using AI to improve visualization

55% of respondents are either fully embracing AI (22%) or have begun
experimenting with AI (33%) in relation to architectural visualisation. Tracking
with these results, 19% of respondents indicated they utilize AI to create AI assisted or AI-generated visualisations. While that amount may not seem high,
it’s significant relative to just how recently AI visualisation tools have become
widely available, which in most cases is less than a year before this survey was

The 19% of respondents using AI to create architectural visualisations is even
more remarkable compared to a nearly identical 20% of architects using
augmented reality (AR) for the same purpose, since AR tools have already
been on the market for several years. This could be due to the practicality or
cost of using AR equipment or software, whereas many AI tools are relatively
inexpensive and remarkably simple to use. Either way, by comparison, the use
of AI among architects to assist with visualisations is taking off rapidly

Larger architecture firms are fully embracing AI more quickly than smaller firms.

While the percentage of respondents that have begun experimenting with AI is fairly consistent across firm size, larger architecture firms are fully embracing AI more quickly than smaller firms. This correlation could be a fairly straightforward issue of larger firms having more resources available for experimentation, although firm culture could also play a role. Small to medium size firms, for example, were notably more likely to say they’re actively avoiding the adoption of AI than firms with 100+ employees.

How is your firm handling the emergence of AI in relation to architectural visualisation?

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