The Rise of Maya

Who will benefit from this webinar?

Studio owners , TD’s, VFX artists, Producers and animators


21 May 2020


14h00 - Jhb time

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Introducing our guest speakers

Jon Capleton

M&E Technical Specialist

Jon Capleton has been working in and around the Media Entertainment Industry for 22 years. The last 14 years spent in many different roles within the major VFX houses in London. With 35 major films under his belt, Jon now works at Autodesk as a technical specialist for Maya, Arnold, Shotgun and Bifrost throughout Europe.

John-Paul Giancarlo

M&E Technical Sales Specialist

John Paul Giancarlo. JP is a 3D generalist, who brings his extensive knowledge as Visual Effects TD and Technical Lighting Artist with him. His knowledge of Shotgun, Arnold, Maya, MEL, 3dsMax and Nuke makes him a great contributor to the Autodesk M&E team John Paul has been working in the TV/Film Industry for over 15+ years.

Roland Reyer

Technical Sales Specialist

Roland Reyer started in 1992 as an Application Engineer at Wavefront Technologies GmbH in Germany. In his role as an Application Specialist he tested, showcased and trained Maya from its very first version. With over 28 years of product and market experience, Roland now works at Autodesk as a Technical Specialist for Maya, Arnold, Shotgun, Mudbox and Motionbuilder throughout Europe.


14:00 - 14:20 Roland Reyer - Autodesk Maya 2020 – New Features and Improvements

Maya 2020 adds new tools that empower artists throughout the production pipeline. Whether you’re focused on animation, rigging, modeling, or effects, we’ve packed a lot into this release to help you work faster and without creative limits, including over 60 animation updates. New Remesh and Retopologize commands let modelers spend less time cleaning up models, and for riggers and character TDs, we have new matrix-driven workflows plus a new wrap deformer. In this session, you will learn about the new modeling and animation features and their impact on the production pipeline.

14:20 - 14:40 Jon Capleton – Autodesk Bifrost

Jon shows how Bifrost makes it possible for 3D artists and technical directors to create serious effects in Maya quickly and easily using a new visual programming environment. TDs can mix nodes ranging from math operations, to file IO, particles, volumes, mesh or surface operations, and simulations in a single visual programming graph to create custom effects, then package them up for artists at their studio to use.

14:40 - 15:00 John Paul Giancarlo

Arnold 6 can now be used for production rendering on both the CPU and GPU, John Paul Giancarlo will show you how to take advantage of the latest technology and add GPUs for increased rendering power. Learn about Arnold in the USD ecosystem including Hydra render delegate, Arnold USD procedural, and USD schemas for Arnold nodes and properties.

15:00 - 15:10 Dan Eckstein

Artists ask Autodesk – Advice and improvements, Attendees Q&A

1) VFX and Animation studios can scale up their ability to output high quality renders by accessing the Autodesk Arnold renderer through a subscription to the M&E Collection.
2) VFX and Animation studios can produce high quality effects simulations using Bifrost within Autodesk Maya. The best (and currently the only) way to compute those simulations over a large number of compute machines on a server, is to access multiple Bifrost compute engines in the M&E Collection.

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