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Artwork by Peter Höhsl

Artist of the Month

Peter Höhsl

Our March artist of the month is Peter Hohsl. This month we focus on a traditional painter who is also a motion graphics artist and a Master at Fluids & Dynamics. Based in Cape Town, Peter Höhsl was born 1967 in Windhoek, After 1994 digital imaging and visual effects became his primary occupation and henceforth defined his career. Peter worked as a visual effects artist, colourist and traditional animator on numerous feature films and television series. In early 2014 Peter discovered contemporary photorealist artists and became increasingly interested in realist painting. After many months of comprehensive research in traditional and modern painting techniques, as well as studying the work of many contemporary and classic figurative artists, he decided to become a realist painter himself. Peter’s preferred subject matter includes animals and still life elements either individually or in an unconventional yet plausible and thought-provoking combination. Inspiration can come from anything that is seen or experienced and is transformed into a unique point of view using traditional oil painting techniques.

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