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Enscape 4.0 will make the design and visualisation workflow even easier and faster for users. The standout feature of this release is the Adjustable Assets series, which includes assets with variants and allows for colour or material customisation (+1,000 adjustable assets in total).

Assets play a crucial role in bringing projects to life, and we’ve received requests for more assets and the ability to customise them from our users. The Adjustable Assets series is the first step in meeting this demand, providing greater flexibility to our users. We plan to gradually add adjustable assets to the Enscape Asset Library in future releases, and our goal is to have all assets as part of the series.
As with previous releases, feature and technical updates and improvements have been added to further enhance the user’s real-time visualisation experience. 

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Enscape 4.0 - Introduction

Enscape 4.0—our latest version developed to create a unified experience across platforms. macOS users can now work with the ease and speed of a complete design and visualization workflow, just like their Windows counterparts.

This new version signifies the foundation for the future. It unveils an overhauled codebase with improved infrastructure and technical foundation to increase stability and performance. It strengthens the interoperability between products within the Chaos ecosystem and enables us to develop both operating systems in unison.

As with previous releases, feature and technical updates and improvements have been added to further enhance the user’s real-time visualization experience. They include:

Accessible rendering that requires no prior specialised knowledge to use. Simply click “start” to see and experience your designs like never before.  The updated Enscape makes design visualisation accessible to all stakeholders in the design and delivery of the built environment. It allows other to share in the imagination of a better tomorrow and brings them together to build it. 

Key features in Enscape 4.0

Feature Description Mac OS availability Windows availability
Real time Visualization Create visualizations instantly as you model in SketchUp, Archicad and Vectorworks YES YES
Real time Walkthrough Walk or fly through your rendered project and make use of perspectives, including two-point and orthogonal. YES YES
Live Update The bi-directional exchange of data enables you to synchronize changes both in Enscape and your design application, keeping the project as the single source of truth. YES YES
Synchronize Views Use the Enscape rendering window as an extension of your 3D modeling tool viewport and see your project render instantly in real time as you model in SketchUp, Archicad and Vectorworks. YES YES
Manage Views Adjust views with individual visual settings and sun orientation. Any scene created in CAD is accessible in Enscape. You can create new scenes on the fly by clicking the “Create View” button. Seamlessly present your project from the best angles. YES YES
Safe Frame Frame your exports considering the desired aspect ratio. Enable Safe frame to visualize the aspect ratio of the exported view instead of the current window resolution. YES YES
Material Editor Fine-tune materials by editing the base attributes, like color, roughness or reflections, metallic value, or transparency. Heighten the realism and achieve the desired look and feel for your design. YES YES
Asset Library Choose from over 3,800 high-quality, low-poly 3D models to drop straight into your project. You can select from a range of people, vehicles, vegetation, furniture, accessories assets, plus so much more. YES YES
Adjustable Assets (Assets with Variants) Fill your scene with life with assets by filtering through variants. Choose the right asset and convey the right aesthetic for your project in no time. YES YES
Offline Asset Library Download the Enscape Asset library and store it locally on your machine to shorten loading time. YES YES
Visual Settings Perfect your scenes by adjusting atmosphere, image, capture, effects, and rendering settings. Choose the best rendering style for images and adjust atmosphere settings including illumination and cloud density. YES YES
Export options Export and share your visualizations easily. Choose from still renders, 360-degree panoramas, and web standalone files. YES YES
Upload management Upload, share, and unshare web standalones and panoramas, directly from the Enscape toolbar. YES YES
Alpha Channel Export Save time during post-processing as the reflections and tint of the semi-transparent materials are kept during export. YES YES
QR Code Create QR codes for easy scanning and project exploration. YES YES
NVIDIA Real-Time Denoiser State-of-the-art image denoising solution for interactive walkthroughs. YES YES
Active Document (SketchUp only) Switch between multiple SketchUp models opened simultaneously. You can review all currently opened SketchUp designs this way, with the Enscape window only requiring to be opened once, making it ideal for testing design options. Note: This functionality is available only for Enscape for Mac because there is a difference in the way SketchUp opens multiple projects on each operating system. YES YES
Enscape lighting objects (SketchUp only) Set up the right mood and atmosphere and make your design shine by combining different types of artificial light projections, with Sphere, Spot, Line, Rect, and Disk lighting objects types. Note: Lighting objects are designed especially for SketchUp because it doesn’t provide native light objects that Enscape can pick up. YES YES
Enscape lighting objects (SketchUp only) Set up the right mood and atmosphere and make your design shine by combining different types of artificial light projections, with Sphere, Spot, Line, Rect, and Disk lighting objects types. Note: Lighting objects are designed especially for SketchUp because it doesn’t provide native light objects that Enscape can pick up. YES YES
Minimap Ability to navigate the project more easily using a minimap that shows on the rendering screen. YES YES
Enscape Objects: Sound Source and Linked Model (SketchUp only) Add sound to your live walk-throughs and standalone exports. Linked models serve as proxy objects that can be used in a very convenient way to add detail to your projects without making the model too heavy. YES YES
Batch rendering Render your views in batches to save time having to render them individually. YES YES
Video Editor Create and export videos directly from Enscape. YES YES
Material Library A selection of pre-built PBR materials that can replace native host application materials or be further edited using the Enscape Material Editor to create rich materials for your projects. YES YES
V-Ray Scene Export (Beta) Export Enscape views as vrscene files. YES YES
Collaborative Annotations Capture and communicate feedback and issues through annotations. Coming soon YES
Site Context Import real-world context into your renderings with OpenStreetMap. Coming soon YES
BIM Data Display all relevant BIM data in the Enscape window. Coming soon YES
Custom Asset Library Allows to place your own custom assets into your projects. Coming soon YES
Dynamic Asset Placement Pick, place, and edit single or multiple assets from the Enscape libraries via the Enscape rendering window. Coming soon YES
Adjustable Assets (color and material customization) Perfect your scenes by customizing color and materials for selected assets. Coming soon YES
Virtual Reality support Create immersive 3D experiences using a VR headset. Currently not supported YES
Export Local Standalone Share your work with anyone as a fully rendered executable (.exe) file. Currently not supported YES
Hardware Ray-tracing features Apple doesn’t support hardware ray-tracing GPU. For now, it’s not possible to support Deep Learning Super Sampling technology for improving performance in walkthroughs and the other hardware raytracing features available on Windows, due to the limitation from the hardware side. Currently not supported YES
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Site Context

Incorporate a building’s real-life surroundings into your visualizations with Enscape’s new Site Context feature. Ideal for use during the design process itself, this new feature gives context to a building’s relationship with its environment.
By utilizing OpenStreetMap data, you can now import a project’s surroundings into your renderings without the need for a third-party tool. Simply open Site Context within the Enscape rendering window, enter an address or coordinates, and select your choice of import: Buildings and Landmarks; Streets and Sidewalks; Topography, or import all surroundings.
The imported geometry and modeling topology will not include textures, keeping your project at the forefront of your visualizations while providing all-important site context. The surrounding geometry is only visible in Enscape, keeping your project file light and focused on the most relevant project data.
Transparent Materials in Reflections
Reflections are incredibly important when it comes to generating realistic visualizations, which is why we are particularly excited about this next improvement. As the name reveals, transparent materials will now appear in your reflections if you are using a graphics card that supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing (NVIDIA RTX series and AMD RX6xxx series).
With this enhancement, you will see visualization improvements to rendered glass and water surfaces. Check out the examples below to see the difference in rendering quality.
Education Assets and Materials
Our team of 3D artists has expanded the Enscape Asset Library and the Enscape Material Library once again with new high-quality assets and materials for you to place directly into your projects and renderings.
Select from 280 new education-themed assets, including classroom furniture, chalkboards and whiteboards, toys, playground equipment, and musical instruments. And choose from over 30 new materials to place into your education scenes. The asset package will also include a large collection of new 3D people.
Alpha Channel Export
It is now possible to render an image with a transparent background automatically applied, thanks to the new Alpha Channel Export.
A popular request from the Enscape community, this export feature will allow you to take your rendered image and add a background of your choice with greater ease – saving you time when post-processing your renders to get the desired look or effect.
There are two ways to access this option. Go to Visual Settings > Output > Image and choose to export only the Alpha Channel (see the checkbox ‘Apply Alpha Channel’ beneath File Format) or select the checkbox that allows you to Export Object-ID, Material-ID, Depth Channel, and Alpha Channel.
Pin Enscape on Top
Not everyone works with two screens or more, so there will be times when both the modeling software window and the Enscape rendering window need to be open and visible simultaneously.
With the ‘Pin Enscape on Top’ functionality, you can choose to pin the Enscape rendering window, together with the menus which open with the renderer, to the top of your modeling window. This allows you to work in your modeling software and immediately see your changes in the overlayed Enscape window, which is always on top when this function is activated.
To activate this, go to Enscape Window Settings > Preferences > Window > Pin Enscape window on top of the host application.
Material Overwrite
We have yet another design workflow improvement for you with Enscape 3.3! It is now possible to replace an Enscape material directly via the Enscape Material Editor. This will save you from importing and exporting materials manually and from saving data files on your system.
To make use of the Material Overwrite function, open the Enscape Material Editor. Select an existing material, click on the three dots beside the material name, and click ‘Replace with Enscape Material’. You can then select a material from the Enscape Material Library, see how the material will appear within Enscape, before confirming and overwriting what was once there.
Camera Sync Optimization
For our Revit and Archicad users, enjoy improvements to synchronized views with Enscape 3.3.
In Revit, camera synchronization is now available for the perspective view, including Field of View sync and the orthographic view. There is also a camera roll around the line of vision. In Archicad, camera synchronization is now enabled for the Orthographic View.
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