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We’re on the lookout for fresh talent in the CG industry.

Struggling to get your dream project off the ground? Whether you’re an indie artist, a content creator, a student, or a researcher you can apply for a Chaos grant and get the resources you need. Take a look at some Partners in Art projects:

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In My Heart

“In My Heart” charmed artists and musicians alike, created by the almighty Brazilian duo, Pedro Conti and Fernando Peque.

The Leviathan

Internet phenomenon “The Leviathan,” from Ruairi Robinson, captured imaginations and grabbed the attention of Hollywood.


Rendered completely on GPUs, Kevin Margo’s engrossing short “CONSTRUCT” is as innovative as it is captivating.

The Ningyo

Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma’s upcoming short explores fantastical cryptozoology and the search for a mythical creature known as the Ningyo.

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