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Maya 2023 focuses on improved usability for both seasoned Maya artists and new users alike. Experience the completely revamped Booleans Tool, the new Blue Pencil Tool, or try some of the other improvements detailed in the links below. You’ll also notice an improved user experience with the new Application Home hub, gamiefied tutorials, and a new Search feature that lets you navigate the user interface more efficiently.
Key features of Maya
Create physically accurate simulations in a single visual programming environment.
Load and edit large datasets quickly and work directly with data using native tools.
Review animations faster and produce fewer playblasts with cached playback in Viewport 2.0.
Stream animation data from Maya to Unreal in real time with the Unreal Live Link for Maya plug-in.
Make high-level animation edits with a nondestructive, clip-based nonlinear editor.
Create, view, and modify animation curves using a graphical representation of scene animation.
Create 3D models using geometry based on vertices, edges, and faces.
Construct 3D models from geometric primitives and drawn curves.
Create sophisticated skeletons, IK handles, and deformers for characters that deliver lifelike performances.
Use Arnold Render View to view scene changes in real time, including lighting, materials, and cameras.

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