By submitting artwork to the Modena Media and Entertainment Gallery , the artists agrees to the following terms that will govern the use, publication, modification, reproduction, and distribution of its customer story and/or related imagery, including company name, company logos, quotations, product descriptions and uses, etc. (the “Materials”). Autodesk and its authorized affiliates may use the Materials, at no charge, in Modena M&E and Autodesk’s worldwide marketing and public relations material during Autodesk’s and Modena M&E marketing and advertising efforts. Autodesk and Modena M&E may use, reproduce, publish, modify, and distribute the Materials, in whole or in part, alone or with other materials, perpetually, worldwide, and at no charge, but may not materially change or modify it without my prior consent or the consent of authorized representative (a material change shall mean a substantial modification in the substance and shall not include resizing or other minor editorial changes). Autodesk and Modena Media and Entertainment may not allow any other entity to use the Materials for its sole benefit without prior permission, except third parties authorized to exercise the above rights on Autodesk’s behalf. Autodesk’s authorized uses shall include advertising, internet, video, audio, broadcasts, webcasts, slide presentations, public relations (including, but not limited to, publications, internal newsletters, videos, annual reports, direct marketing), and marketing/promotional collateral. Autodesk /Modena Media and Entertainment will include the Artist’s credit line, where Autodesk/Modena deems appropriate, when the story and/or imagery is used, and will request its authorized partners to do the same.