Ruchen Wyngaard

Information Systems Lecturer at UWC

Intrigued by human-technology interaction, beyond the code. I'm passionate about knowledge dissemination. Particularly skilled in software development across various technology stacks, economics, and statistics. Research in immersive technologies, including virtual and augmented reality - where behaviour meets immersive technologies.

Adi Stephen

Chief Learning and innovation officer

With more than 23 years’ experience in all aspects of Human Capital and Learning, Adi’s success is derived from his ability to develop and manage world-class solutions utilising the latest technologies and methodologies. Equipped with an extensive background in HR and IT, his skill lies in creating innovative solutions and environments that translate employee behaviours into high-impact outcomes.

Mark Hocker

Visual Communication Expert

The Boiler Room is a dynamic production company that has been around for 21 years, specializing in 3D animation, eLearning, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and many other Industry 4.0 disruptive technologies. He worked in television animation and special effects that led him to the UK. Mark introduced 3D animation to SA and lectured at most universities and colleges before starting The Boiler room.


14:00 - Immersive Technologies in Travel, Training, Simulation and Entertainment

Ruchen Wyngaard from University of the Western Cape will be discussing Immersive Technologies in a broad range of fields in business, education and entertainment,
Mark Hocker and Adi Stephens from JHB based company, The Boiler Room, will talk us through their use of Digital Twins, simulation projects and training exercises .
Our guests will discuss with us their ideas and where now more than ever the need for physical travel could be mitigated using immersive technology.

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