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AREA is your online community for the fields of animation, games, film and TV, VFX, design visualization and advertising.
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Ultimate Motion Capture Suit With Pincer Gloves in One Data Stream, for Animation, Sports and Bio-mechanics
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Pay for Use Rental
This involves a rental structure in line with the warranty of the device consisting of regular refresh cycles. The rental structure is 36 months, 48 months and 6 months.
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World's Most Versatile Renderer - for Maya, Houdini, Katana and Blender
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More processing power. More high-quality renders. More opportunity. Say yes to an Arnold 5-Pack, and Bifrost, now in the collection. Grow your creative studio – not your budget. See how the Media & Entertainment Collection gets you more for less.


New Arnold 6 with Arnold GPU

Get more processing power. Arnold delivers fast, film-quality interactive rendering for tackling heavy datasets, complex scene files, and lighting challenges. The M&E Collection offers more than ever before, and is available for single-user access or teams sharing licenses with multi-user access.


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Immersive Technologies in Travel, Training, Simulation and Entertainment.

Ruchen Wyngaard from University of the Western Cape will be discussed Immersive Technologies in a broad range of fields in business, education and entertainment, Mark Hocker and Adi Stephens from JHB based company, The Boiler Room, talked us through their use of Digital Twins, simulation projects and training exercises . Our guests discussed with us their ideas and where now more than ever the need for physical travel could be mitigated using immersive technology.


Showcase your amazing work

Showcase your Media and Entertainment work on our website We get our biggest kick from seeing what our  Media & Entertainment and Visualization customers do


Modena M & E has moved office

Modena Media and Entertainment offices in Cape Town have changed to :-Ground Floor, Venture Workspace, Brookside Building, 11 Imam Haron Road, Claremont, Cape Town

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More processing power.
More high-quality renders.
More opportunity.